CVSX:EE Screenpack Release
March 25, 2018

I must report that the purpose of this site is to create a good CVS screenpack, lifebar and the most important… collect and repair POTS-style characters that are not created by us, most of these characters are created by talented people who for some reason some are still active and others are not.

Many characters are created to work on a scale of 4: 3, but not 16: 9. The purpose of this site is to adapt the characters and their effects to a scale of 16: 9 Thus, problems do not occur as the following photo:

Along with that, in part of our collection process, is to repair errors of those characters that were not updated by their original authors. We could say that we will only make patches to adapt to what the CVSX: Extreme Edition team proposes like this solution:

Many characters have problems in their AI or any other type that we intend to repair, the idea of ​​this is to balance these characters so that the pots style looks like a unique style.

We know that creating a character takes a lot of work, and the change that we make about them is minimal, that is why we should always thank the original author of the character, they stayed up many nights to achieve these creations.

We just hope that nobody bothers about the fact that we are editing and creating patches for these characters that were not created by us, that’s why this is not a project, it’s just a compilation.


  1. Mordecool says:

    Good start!!
    I like the idea and always giving credits to the original authors, do you have a team ?

  2. Uche says:

    It looks like that team is growing everytime.

  3. OldGamer says:

    I wonder who is the 3rd person lol

  4. BigBoss says:

    Keep at it, never know what 2019 might bring yah.

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