Capcom vs. Snk: Mugen Edition
August 13, 2018
What’s new in CVSEXTREME?
November 10, 2018

Hello, welcome to the CVSEXTREME site! I am Akito-sama, and we are looking for contributors to our site who are interested in contributing with CVS-style material (CAPCOM vs SNK), which are within POTS variations. It can be chars, stages, songs, it does not matter, everything is valid as long as it is within the theme of the site.

We have a new member, OldGamer is now a contributor and will soon be posting here. At the moment, he has problems in his personal life, so who will be in charge of everything, making posts to make everyone pay attention to what is being produced within the CVS style.

Within a few days, I will be posting my personal “Akito” char, made by me, AVPBOY and Falcon Rapper which has had some changes. And by the end of this year I want to release Julia, Akito’s girlfriend. This will probably be my last creation of chars, however, I will continue to produce edits in general and post them here for everyone.

PS: Anyone who is interested in joining the site staff will have the privilege of being able to put their creations here, so just look for me in the Mugenguild forum with the name “Akito”, which I will be happy to talk about.

That’s it, good night everyone!

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