November 10, 2018
Merry Christmas 2018!
December 25, 2018

Akito here again, now I came to talk about the news that we will have on the site, and also, some things that I intend to add in the future (you can give opinions in the comments):

“Releases of the month” – Every month, I’ll post here all CVS creations that have been made, with their links, so everyone knows where to download. In our site we already have a section called “Authors”, where we will put the website of the main authors and their creations.

– “Flash news” – Whatever it is about fast news, it will have that rating.

– “Talking about” – I will address here some comments about opinions, in order to make everyone interact within a subject in question, such as “Custom Combo or Max mode, which one is the best advantage?”

– “Analyzes” – We will do some analysis on chars that are released, to give an idea to everyone about them.

– “The Dragon’s Corner” (name in analysis, maybe I’ll change it to another) – Things about my chars in CVS style, like Akito, for anyone interested in knowing something.

PS: And also, we are defining the details with Gui007 so we can post your gameplay videos here on our site, soon!


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